Sichuan was referred to in ancient Chinese sources as Ba-Shu (巴蜀) as an abbreviation of the kingdoms of Ba and Shuwhich existed within the Sichuan Basin.Sichuan's capital of Chengdu is home to a large community of Tibetans, with 30,000 permanent Tibetan residents and up to 200,000 Tibetan floating population.The Eastern Lipo, included with either Yi people or Lisu people as well as the A-Hmao also are among the ethnic groups of the provinces.

Landscape Poetry Chengdu always have gathered Fuga is the narrowest place of the city landscape nourished the blood, poetry casting the soul of the city.

The Li Bai Memorial, located at Zhongba Town of northern Jiangyou County in Sichuan Province, is a museum in memory of Li Bai, a Chinese poet in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), at the place where he grew up. It was prepared in 1962 on the occasion of 1,200th anniversary of his death, completed in 1981 and opened to the public in October 1982. The memorial is built in the style of the classic garden of the Tang Dynasty.

The education system in Sichuan province, as elsewhere in China, can be simply summarized as "four educations" and "7 levels". The "four educations" refers to pre-school education, primary education, secondary education and higher education. The "7 levels" refers to kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, senior high school, higher college education, undergraduate education and postgraduate education.

By the year 2013, there are 6840 primary schools,4995 junior high schools,3975 senior high schools and 106 universities.(According to the report of Education Office of Sichuan province)

About Southwest University for Nationalities

Southwest University for Nationalities (SWUN), directly under the control of the State Ethnic Affairs Committee, is a multi-disciplinary higher education institute. The university was founded in July 1950 and officially established on June 1st, 1950. The university is located in Chengdu, “Land of Abundance”, and is in adjacent to the famous Wuhou Temple. It covers an area of over 1600 mu with 472,000 square meters for construction area, including old campus, new campus, Taipingyang campus.

The university includes 18 colleges and departments of sociology, social science and physical training, 47 undergraduate subjects, 28 master degree subjects and one doctor degree subject, five key provincial (ministerial) –level subjects, five provincial-level undergraduate talents training bases and nine key provincial (ministerial) –level laboratories. Currently, more than 20,000 students are studying in the university, with overseas students from 15 countries. The university has over 1400 teachers and employees with more than 400 professors and associate professors. The library has collected 1.9 million books, the cost of teaching and research facility is over 100 million RMB.

The university is a key opening-up unit of Sichuan province. So far, experts, scholars and government officials from over 70 countries have come to make academic exchanges and visits. SWUN has established inter-university cooperative relations with foreign colleges of Britain Manchester University, Birmingham University, New Zealand Waikato University, Canada Indian United College, Seattle Washington university of USA and academic exchange relations with the research institutes of USA, Japan and Switzerland and finished many international cooperative research projects; SWUN has exchanged students with Konkuk University, Dongguk University and Inje University of Korea. Warm welcome every friend from all over the world to our university to study.

About Chengdu University

Founded in 1978, Chengdu University (CDU) is a full-time higher education institution run under the direct authority of the Chengdu Municipal Government, and also administered by Sichuan Province. Since its foundation 30 years ago, CDU has steadily grown into a comprehensive university offering a wide range of degrees in fields such as Engineering, Liberal Arts, Management, Economics, Law, Pedagogics, Science, Agriculture and Medicine.

Surrounded by pleasant countryside in the Shiling Historical and Cultural Scenic Area situated in east Chengdu, the CDU campus covers a vast area of over one million square meters beautifully landscaped with gardens, ponds, and tree-lined passages.

Composed of 17 different schools employing over 1,600 qualified staff members, CDU provides valuable education to its more than 30,000 registered students from Sichuan and many other parts of China. With over 90 specialties of undergraduate courses and junior college education, it is a respectable student-oriented educational institution that delivers qualified graduates with practical skills for the future. By continuously deepening teaching reform, Chengdu University aims to specifically connect its disciplines and curriculums to economic and social conditions in order to not only contribute to the better development of Chengdu, but also to provide graduates with the best career opportunities and brightest futures.